Signature cuisine with a Vallarta twist

Tintoque was the original name of a pre-hispanic fishing town near what we know today as Punta de Mita.

At Tintoque, a variety of talents come together to enhance Banderas Bay’s traditional food. Under chef Joel Ornelas’ creative direction, local recipes are reinvented, providing diners with a contemporary, gourmet experience that celebrates our coastal flavors.
Local fish, such as tuna, mahi-mahi, red snapper and other seafood, become centerpieces for each dish. Aside from the regular lunch, appetizers and dinner menu; this local eatery located in Marina Vallarta, offers a creative menu that changes daily, based on the availability of unique, local ingredients and products.

To complement the experience, Tintoque’s bar features innovative cocktails based on raicilla and other regional fermentations—such as tuba and tejuino—,artisan beer and Mexican wines.

The restaurant experience is perfect for diners who enjoy a multi-course meal or dinner, ideal for sharing in a laid-back ambiance—very Vallarta!